Antioxidants & Free Radicals: How They Affect Skincare

Dermalure understands the importance of maintaining a healthy glow throughout the year, especially during the cold seasons when weather conditions can dry out and irritate the skin. There can be many factors that can cause skin damage and we believe it is vital to understand these sources and preventions.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free Radicals are chemical particles that become very unstable and reactive through an oxygenated process. These reactions can cause cellular damage and speed up the aging process of the skin. The damage created by free radicals can cause blemishes, wrinkles, and skin pigmentation.

There are various causes of increased radical damage:

  • Stress
  • Poor diet and alcohol
  • UV penetration
  • Pollution
  • Smoking and illegal drugs

How To Fight Against Free Radicals


Antioxidants are molecules that can interact with free radicals and prevent them from further damaging the skin. Common forms of antioxidants include vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E which can be found in certain foods or applied topically in creams or serums.

By removing or reducing the exposure of free radicals, you can slow the aging process of your skin and feel a more significant improvement!

A Radical Solution – Vitamin C

Vitamin C has shown to be a powerful antioxidant when applied to the skin and added to your daily skincare routine. It can increase the production of collagen which helps reduce wrinkles and aids in the restoration of skin damage.

Dermalure’s Vitamin C+ Face Serum is a well-formulated product that provides a wide range of these benefits to improve your skin and keep it looking younger.

The Vitamin C+ Face Serum can be used for: Vitamin C Serum

  • Better defense against environmental aging
  • Neutralizes and protects against free radicals
  • Corrects hyper-pigmentation
  • Protects skin against UV exposure
  • Stimulates collagen production

The serum is also available in various levels of potency (5% to 25%) to cater to the skin sensitivity of our customers.

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