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How Chemical Peels Interact with Different Skin Types

Dermalure‘s wide range of chemical peels is designed to improve all skin types and skin conditions. We understand that it can be a daunting task to know what chemical peel to choose that will work best for your particular skin type. Therefore, we are providing this short guide that explains how chemical peels interact with the three main types of skin, which are oily, normal, and dry. But first, it’s important to cover what a chemical peel is and how it works to improve the skin.

What a Chemical Peel Is And How It Works

A chemical peel is a concentrated acidic solution that exfoliates the outer layer of the skin to expose the softer, smoother skin underneath. Depending upon the type and strength of the peel you choose, a chemical peel can help improve light wrinkles, fade acne scars, reduce scarring & hyper-pigmentation and improve the overall tone of the skin.

A first-time user should always begin with the lowest percentage peel and gradually increase as the skin adjusts. Using a strong percentage the first time can result in burns and skin damage, which could be irreversible. A chemical peel is typically used on the face (excluding the eye region) although it can also be used to spot treat other areas like the hands and neck. Now on to how chemical peels interact with the different skin types.

Oily Skin

Chemical peels containing salicylic acid are ideal for oily skin due to their ability to penetrate and dissolve excess oil in the pores. Salicylic acid is both a phenolic acid and a beta hydroxy acid (BHA) in one. The BHA quality of salicylic acid is very effective at penetrating and breaking down fat tissue to leave the skin smooth and soft. This is why many beauty products contain salicylic acid including shampoos for oily skin and body washes.

Normal Skin

TCA chemical peels contain trichloroacetic acid. This type of peel has a deep exfoliating effect wherein it can clean out congested pores to refine the surface of the skin. A TCA peel works well on normal skin that’s neither excessively oily nor dry. A TCA peel can treat fine lines & wrinkles, minimize the appearance of skin tags and improve upon slight imperfections of the skin. A TCA peel with a concentration of between 5 and 15% is considered a light strength peel that is perfect for first time users as it produces fast results at the most mild concentration. This type of peel can brighten and tighten normal skin with minimal peeling, flaking and downtime.

Dry Skin

Lactic acid chemical peels contain natural humectants, which moisturize the skin as the acid exfoliates it. This makes lactic acid peels ideal for dry skin. Lactic acid peels are less irritating to the skin than other peels. These peels can be used to treat a wide variety of skin problems including dry skin, age spots, mild acne scarring, premature aging, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, discoloration and sun damaged skin.

Dermalure offers a wide range of high quality, medical-grade chemical peels at affordable prices. We guarantee that with the continued use of our chemical peel products, you will be pleased with your younger, healthier and more radiant skin. We are committed to offering stellar customer service so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.