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Dermalure wants you to have the best skincare treatment possible.

As the saying goes, โ€œknowledge is half the battle,โ€ and here at Dermalure we agree. Knowing what type of treatment is best for your skin, knowing which chemical peels will help treat the symptoms and conditions you face, etc.; these are all areas that require knowledge, and all areas that we at Dermalure can assist with.

While we cover a wide array of topics in our blog, there are certain sets of information that are unchanging with the seasons, where a single resource can apply to a wide breadth of skincare treatments. For this type of generalized information, we wanted to provide a central hub where there would be no need to search for information. Simply all the information would be apparent and readily accessible for your eyes and brains to consume. Over time we will continue to refine our information, but here is the information we have housed currently:

Dermalure Resources

Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Chart

– A guide to learning about skin types


Contact the Skincare Experts At Dermalure

As stated earlier, our resource page will be evolving over time, depending on the inquiries we receive about skincare and how best to address them. If you have any pressing questions you are curious about and want us to answer on our resource page, please contact us via phone at 877.336.4652 Mon-Fri from 8 a.m. – 5p.m. PST, or through email at [email protected].

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