What Skin Type Are You

Using The Fitzpatrick Skin Chart

The Fitzpatrick Skin Chart (also know as the Fitzpatrick skin typing test; Fitzpatrick Scale, and the Fitzpatrick phototyping scale) uses numerical classifications to categorize human skin color. The rating system was developed by Thomas B. Fitzpatrick in 1975 as a system to estimate different types of skin responses when exposed to sunlight light over a long enough time frame. Initially, it was developed on the basis of skin and eye color. Over time, this proved misleading, and was therefore altered to use skin and eye color as generalizations, but also report on how skin responds to the sun, and notes any skin conditions people of each classification should be weary of. Today, the Fitzpatrick scale remains a recognized tool for dermatologists and estheticians in helping to treat conditions associated with certain skin pigmentation.

Dermalure Skin Tone Infographic

Fitzpatrick Skin Tone Chart

– A guide to learning about skin types

What’s Your Skin Type – An infographic by the team at What’s Your Skin Type

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