Chemical Peel Myth Busters #2

Dermalure Debunks More Myths About Chemical Peels

For many years, chemical peels have served as a solution to common skin problems. They improve skin texture and appearance, and offer several skincare benefits. Regardless, chemical peels seem to get a bad rap. Popular sitcoms like to poke fun by making chemical peels look horrifying and painful. Some of us might recall the episode of Sex and the City when red, puffy face Samantha suffered through her chemical facial treatment. Rest assured, scenes like those are based off myths!

Chemical peels are painless and effective. You may recall our previous myth-busting blog post from back in March. Our Dermalure Skincare Professionals are back to debunk some more of these fictitious beliefs.

Myth #1: All Chemical Peels Are The Same

There are significant differences among chemical peels. “Chemical peel” is an umbrella term that refers to a number of procedures that work to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin. The chemical solutions available vary in strength and composition, in order to treat different skin types and conditions.

Myth #2: Chemical Peels Hurt

With chemical peels, you can expect a slight tingling sensation, along with a warm and tightening feeling of the skin, but not pain. A majority of skin peels are very mild. You will experience a prickling feeling, if you are opting for one of the deeper skin peels, but properly administered chemical peels do not hurt. With TCA peels, the chemicals actually act as an anesthetic, minimizing pain, and Glycolic peels are the mildest of peels. Consult with a skincare professional to find the peel that would best fit your skin needs.

Myth #3: Chemical Peels Make Your Skin Literally “Peel Off”

The word “peel” in this case definitely causes some confusion. Contrary to popular belief, nothing actually peels off during a chemical peel. Instead, the solution safely dissolves the old, upper layers of the skin, stimulating new tissue with smoother texture to emerge.

Myth #4: Chemical Peels Are Just For Faces

Chemical peels are effective for treating body acne, aging skin and roughness. They are not exclusive to facial skin. Full body peels are possible, as well.

Myth #5: Chemical Peels Don’t Do Anything

This is absolutely inaccurate. Chemical peels are highly effective with fading scarring, treating acne, improving skin texture, and reducing the appearance of fines lines, liver spots, age spots, freckles and uneven coloring. Conditions that you should not expect peels to treat include sagging skin, large pores, broken blood vessels, and deep scars.

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