Red Carpet Peel (Potent Plus) + Prep Solution


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RED CARPET PEEL (Potent Plus) + Prep Solution

See full digital RED CARPET PEEL Series Brochure

 Use this product on experienced patients and those with non-sensitive skin

*IMPORTANT NOTE: POTENT PLUS is NOT a starting point. Patients interested in using RED CARPET PEEL POTENT PLUS are required to complete a series of RED CARPET PEELS before stepping up to POTENT PLUS. A test patch application is also a pre-application requirement, and this also applies to prior RED CARPET PEEL users.

What are the advantages of RED CARPET PEEL vs. currently available products?


  • Ideal for skin rejuvenation of face, neck and hands
  • Allows depth control and customization for each individual patient
  • Indicated for all skin types with photodamage, acne, scarring and hyper-pigmentation
  • Built-in topical anesthetics designed to provide a comfortable and pain-free procedure
  • Balanced combination of ingredients provide a uniform, consistent and predictable peel
  • Most cost effective chemical resurfacing system on the market, at less than $15 per patient
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